Air compressors require periodic maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and to reduce costly downtime. Inadequate & Poor Maintenance can increase energy consumption due to lower compression efficiency, air leakage and pressure drops. Poor maintenance can also lead to high operating temperature, poor moisture control, excessive contamination, and unsafe working environments. Normally, these each issue starts as a minor problem, but can be happened into big trouble if remain undetected. A Preventative Maintenance Contract is worthwhile investment to protect your compressor. Global Cynax is committed to provide its clients with the most reliable, quality equipment in the industry and has the warranty and factory personnel to back it up. We are also committed to outstanding customer service and best maintenance personnel in the industry. Protect your investment, protect your warranty and prevent costly downtime.

What service we can offer:

Global Cynax Bangladesh Ltd., as an authorized business channel partner of Ingersoll Rand, is a factory-trained service agent for all models of Ingersoll Rand compressed air equipment. We offer specialty repair and maintenance services, but more than that, a complete package of services to maintain your compressed air system without interruption, including:

  • Breakdown Service
  • New Install & Upgrade
  • Rental
  • Planning/Consulting of total air solution